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Three Skills Americans Need to Prosper in Latin America Add Video

I would like to edit the title just a little bit: "Three Skills NORTH Americans Need to Prosper in Latin America" * Don't Judge or become frustrated & impatient over perceived corruption & bureaucracy. * Don't be arrogant. * Don't be culturally insensitive. * Don't be Culturally Isolated.-(repetition) "Wow this excellent Speaker Mr. Bruce Cudworth is such a Nice Gentleman and a Wealth of Information on Latin American Culture!: Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica and Colombia before settling in Chile for 20 yrs. where he founded an ESL language institute. I find what Mr. Cudworth has to say rings true in Ecuador as well.

Posted by Jack Abercrombie on February 4, 2014 at 3:51 PM 3053 Views