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Ecuador Relocation 

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TUE 14 JUL 20/20 The Ecuador Report #COVID1984, DAY#118, #Quito, #Quarantino, #Quackery, #RedLights Add Video

Journeyman Jack In Ecuador- ☣� "This video is for info-tainment purposes. #Covid1984 - Enduring the Operation Traffic Light Control Grid System, Shifting from Red - Stop / Yellow - Caution / Green - Go with God into A #BraveNewABNormalWorld with restrictions, authoritarian, dystopian conditions as dictated by 'The Ministry of Truth' to the peasants and subjects to endure on in #ShelterInPlace with #SHTFPLAN. Quito is currently in a state of 'Modified Yellow' - Cotacachi is 'Mod Yel' - Manta - Yel, Cuenca Yel- See Traffic Light Color Code Modes Map of 24 EC Provinces:

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