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Ecuador Relocation 

Welcome To Ecuador!

TUE 21 JUL 20/20 'The Ecuador Report' #SCALA Mall #Cumbaya #Quito #Covid1984, 'Simon Says' Add Video

Journeyman Jack In Ecuador- ☣� "This video is for info-tainment purposes. Don't try this at home kids! We hope you and yours are well and having a Healthy Wonderous 2 For Tuesday. Here is a brief meanderings and musings on the Ecuador #StateofException = #EstadodeExcepción / #StateOfEmergency As we got past The stormy April Showers as best possible under the #COVID1984 circumstances. Now as we near time to wrap up MAY DAYs, MAY DAY MAY DAY! ......" -

Posted by Jack Abercrombie on October 23, 2020 at 8:34 AM 525 Views