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Ecuador Relocation 

Welcome To Ecuador!

TUE 25 MAR 20/20 The Ecuador Report #COVID19, DAY #9 & #10 / Food Procurement #Quarantine, #Quito, Add Video

Journeyman Jack In Ecuador- ☣� "This video is for info-tainment purposes. Don't try this at home kids! We hope you and yours are well and having a Healthy Wonderous Wednesday. Here is brief meanderings and musings on the Ecuador #StateofException = #EstadodeExcepción, As we get beyond The ides of March and continue stacking and prepping for the stormy April Showers, that may well bring forth the Funeral Flowers of our loved ones from #COVID19, MAY DAY, MAY DAY! Plan on about 90 Days of this #ShelterInPlace stuff / #SHTFPLAN is Activated~ I am using this format to reach out to my former and future Guests from around the world and to my Friends & Family back in the SE / USA to give an update on the Current National Emergency in ECUADOR, if my speaking is too slow for you, there are adjustment tools in the you tube control panel to speed it up.

Posted by Jack Abercrombie on October 23, 2020 at 8:26 AM 350 Views